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Dr. Sunny Ruth

Dr. Sunny Ruth graduated from Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. Immediately following veterinary school, Dr. Ruth joined the Dallas Dental Service Animal Clinic where she had the privilege of being mentored through veterinary dentistry internship and residency programs under the supervision of Dr. Robert Wiggs. She continued practicing with Dr. Wiggs until November 2009. Dr. Ruth has co-authored multiple text book chapters on small animal dentistry and often lectures to clients, students, breeder/rescue groups, and colleagues on the importance of dental health.




Veterinary Dental Services

Dental Examination and Consultation

Dental Radiology

  • For assessment and evaluation of periodontal and endodontic disease, missing or impacted teeth, retained roots, mandibular fractures or oral masses.

Surgical Extractions


  • Treatment of pulp exposures, fractured teeth, infected pulp canals, and crown reductions.

Periodontal Therapy

  • Complete dental prophylaxis, subgingival curettage, root planing, gingival flap surgery, and guided tissue regeneration.


  • Bite evaluation, orthodontic appliances, and corrections of malocclusions.

Pediatric Dentistry


  • Odontoplasty, enamel and dentinal bonding, sealants and fillings.

Trauma Stabilization and Repair

  • Jaw fractures, tooth luxations and avulsions.

Oral Surgery

  • Performing oral tumor excision, oronasal fistula repair, intra-oral biopsy, and gingivectomy

Home Care Demonstration and Instruction

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