Your Pet is Our Focus at Our Animal Hospital for Allen

We work to provide best-in-class care to cats, dogs, and exotic pets from our full-service animal hospital for Allen, Plano, and all local areas. At Custer McDermott Animal Hospital, we provide a high level of service not because it’s our business but because we truly care. Our goal is to treat your pet with the personalized service they deserve and longer appointment times help us focus on this. When you visit our veterinarians take the time to explain your pet’s health and what’s best for their well being. Book your pet today!

Advanced Pet Dental Care Services

Your pet shouldn’t have to deal with dental conditions in silence. Bad breath can indicate more of a problem than an unpleasant aroma. Cats and dogs require regular oral check-ups and dental cleanings to remove hardened tartar and the bacteria it contains.

The veterinarians at our Allen-area animal hospital have a strong interest in pet oral health. Attending continuing education classes, pet dental forums, and using the most advanced dental equipment have honed their dentistry skills. When you visit for a pet wellness exam, your veterinarian will carefully perform a full physical including checking your pet’s oral cavity. If dental concerns are present, we may recommend a deep cleaning using anesthesia or advise you on at-home pet dental products. Visit the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) on how to look for veterinarian-approved dental products and book a pet wellness exam today.

Address & Directions

9109 Custer Rd.
Plano, TX 75025

Custer McDermott Animal Hospital is conveniently located directly next to Allen in the most Northeastern area of Plano. Regardless of where you come from in Allen, we are only minutes away. From Interstate 75, head West on McDermott Drive and take a right to go North on Custer Road. You’ll find us shortly after on the left-hand side.

Expert Exotic Pet Veterinarian

Exotic pets, including small mammals, reptiles, and birds, require specialized vet and home care. Like cats and dogs, they cannot talk to communicate discomfort, but exotic pets are even more sensitive to their environment. Furthermore, they often need specific veterinary services to prevent and treat health issues.

Our very own Dr. Stephanie LaGrone is happy to assist you in all your exotic pet care needs. She is knowledgeable about all species of exotic pets through concentrations at Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine and special interests throughout her veterinary career. Visit Dr. LaGrone for advice on habitat, feeding, space, temperature control, handling, and more. Just like every species is different, every breed is as well. For instance, the husbandry, or care, of a gecko is different from an iguana.

Contact us to learn more and how to prepare for your exotic pet’s visit. We may ask for a fecal, food, or bedding samples and pictures of their habitat. We look forward to helping you with your exotic pet!