Our Exotic Pet Veterinarian: Giving Special Care for Your Special Pet

While dogs and cats are the most frequent visitors to our animal hospital in Plano, they’re not the only pets we welcome. Ferrets, chinchillas, iguanas, and more can all be seen by Dr. LaGrone, who has a special interest in exotic animal medicine. No matter how small or scaly, we believe that all pets deserve loving care and attention from their veterinarians. Look to Dr. LaGrone to act as your exotic pet veterinarian. At Custer McDermott Animal Hospital, we’re happy to provide the highest quality exotic and pocket pet care services for our non-traditional patients.

Ferret Vet in Plano

Our Exotic & Pocket Pet Care Services

Ideally, we like to see our exotic patients once a year at least, or twice a year if possible. Smaller critters like hamsters and gerbils only live for a few years and can conceal their illnesses very well, so regular examinations are necessary for their health. Our veterinarian will inform you on a variety of topics to keep your little four-legged friend thriving, including, but not limited to:

  • Wellness/preventative care
  • Spaying and neutering (rabbits)
  • Husbandry
  • Handling
  • Behavior
  • Diet
  • Habitat/housing

Exotic Pet Vet in Plano

Taking Care of Your Reptile

Reptiles are quite unique as pets overall; while they’re not especially scarce, most people prefer to share their homes with warm, fluffy companions. Regardless, reptiles can make wonderful pets if cared for properly. As with most pets, we would like to see your scaly friend at least once a year for their health check-up. During this visit, we’ll discuss their nutrition, housing, behavior, and more. A reptile exam typically includes:

  • A routine physical
  • Blood testing
  • Fecal testing
  • X-rays
  • Microbiological testing

Exotic pet care does not generally involve the same complexities and procedures as canine and feline care, but it’s nonetheless important. We recognize the need for comprehensive care for our less conventional patients because they’re just as deserving of exceptional treatment and good health as any other patient. It’s our privilege to have an experienced veterinarian who can treat exotics, pocket pets, and reptiles here in Plano. If you have questions or concerns about your non-traditional four-legged family member, give us a call today at (214) 644-5555.

Pocket Pet Vet in Plano