One-on-One Pet Grooming Services

Our pets deserve to be as clean and freshly groomed as us, and not just for the sake of smelling nice. Pet grooming and bathing offer plenty of health benefits, too, like keeping your pet’s coat dandruff-free. While we don’t recommend having them bathed too often, pets should have a good grooming roughly once a month to maintain their skin, coat, and nails.

Meet Our Groomer

At Custer McDermott Animal Hospital, we’re proud to refer our patients to Marietta, our professional groomer here in Plano. She provides one-on-one grooming services to small and medium-sized breeds:

  • Breed-specific grooming
  • Nail trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Bathing (medicated if needed)
  • Conditioning
  • …and more!
Marietta Cowan, Groomer

While still in high school, Marietta began her grooming career as an apprentice at a grooming salon. She has since competed in several grooming competitions around the country, and has won many awards. In 2001, Marietta became an Internationally Certified Master Groomer, the highest distinction in the grooming industry. She’s certified to groom all breeds, but Marietta has extensive experience grooming poodle and terrier breeds of varying sizes. She has also run several successful pet grooming salons in California.

Why Your Pet Should Be Groomed Regularly

Pet grooming is more than skin-deep—your pet won’t just look good, they’ll feel good, too. Some of the benefits of keeping your pet freshly groomed on a regular basis include:

  • Healthy coat and skin
  • Less shedding
  • Early detection of ear, skin, and teeth issues
  • Nail trims reinforce healthy foot structure and posture
  • Detection/prevention of parasites
  • Increased sociability
  • Deceased risk of infection of the eyes, ears, teeth, and/or nails
Pet Grooming in Plano

Let Us Pamper Your Pet

Keeping your pet groomed keeps them comfortable, happy, and healthy. Since pet grooming is a core part of your pet’s wellness, it should be scheduled regularly. If you’re interested in having your four-legged family member groomed by an award-winning professional who loves pets as much as we do, give us a call at (214) 644-5555.